UNECE International PPM Forum May 2018 Selected Successful BRI Projects

" Our Grisons Peak presentations are designed to both improve understanding of the BRI, and whenever possible, provide insights on investment returns on specific projects in order to attract future BRI investors.

In this presentation to the United Nations, we focus on successful infrastructure and renewable energy projects across 12 countries. As you will see, many of these have been backed by Chinese policy bank loans. To have been included in this small sample, the project needed to operational, produce revenues and provide some financial information which could be verified, thus most of these started on our slightly before the official launch of BRi.

It is important to note that this presentation is only a small subset of the hundreds of projects we have tracked since 2008, the year we launched our database. ‎As such, readers can expect additional analyses as more projects become revenue producing. Investors can also expect "halo effect" analyses on some projects as real estate values around such projects, especially ports/port cities have demonstrated substantially increased prices/returns as port flows increase."

Download the presentation here.

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March 2016 -

In light of the recent press regarding Chinese credit expansion, we decided to expand our May 2015 policy loan study to include all Chinese Government backed loans made during 2013-2015.

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 Chinese Policy Bank Loans since Announcement of Silk Road/Maritime Silk Route (now One Belt, One Road) (May 2015)

 Since the announcement of formation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), there has been considerable debate in some circles over China's historical track record on policy loans.

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16 transactions, $9.4 billion across multiple geographical markets....

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Aggregate Value ($22.7bn in 2014 vs. $20.6bn in 2013)

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