Over the past year in presentations around the world, three of our slides seem to attract the most interest. Since the material on these slides is now dated one year ago, we decided to upload these slides onto our website, without cost, as a way of educating those interested in learning more about the BRI. It is important to note that Education and Culture are also important components of the BRI – not just global trade and infrastructure connectivity.

BRI – Economic Corridors/Silk Roads – Q1 Investment Highlights. China/UK investment Forum: Institute of Directors (London)

April 2018

Henry Tillman discussing an update in Q1 additions to the BRI – including some specific investments in such countries.

BRI – Economic Corridors and Key Operational Investments

Chinese Policy Bank Loans and the Rapid Build out of the 21st Century Maritime Routes (2013 – 2015)

March 2016

In light of the recent press regarding Chinese credit expansion, we decided to expand our May 2015 policy loan study to include all Chinese Government backed loans made during 2013-2015.

Chinese Policy Bank Loans since Announcement of Silk Road/Maritime Silk Route (now One Belt, One Road) (May 2015)

Since the announcement of formation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), there has been considerable debate in some circles over China's historical track record on policy loans.

16 transactions, $9.4 billion across multiple geographical markets....

Aggregate Value ($22.7bn in 2014 vs. $20.6bn in 2013)

Q1 2014 saw four Chinese outbound automotive investments – all within the month of February......

Of the 13 strategic stakes made by foreign banks, 12 produced compound annual returns averaging 20%.