26 to 28 September 2014 – Terra Parzival Michaelmas 2014 Council Meeting!

Dear Participants of Terra Parzival Michaelmas 2014 Council Meeting!

In the name of our Terra Parzival team I would like to thank you very much for your paticipation. We hope that we succeeded to create for all of you the experience of magic and meaning but also serious challenge posed by the immortal Parzival story. This would not be possible without the “sit-in the orchestra” journey through Brahms Violin Concerto at the very start of our council. I would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Henry Tillman of GRISONS PEAK for his generous support.

After tuning our ears and all other senses to the inner musical and outer Slovenian lanscape, permitting imagination flowing along Micaela Sauber’s beautiful storytelling, the resonace platform was reached for every participant to share productive ideas for the further development of Terra Parzival vision and development.

We will keep you informed about all further developments.

Miha Pogacnik